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ImmuStart 50 | Bulk Pail

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Immu-Start 50 Bulk Pail, first-care colostrum formula provides your calves with immediate immune support and intestinal protection from infection and disease.   Plus, its been shown with continued use through the fourth week, Immu-Start 50 product helps stimulate greater long-term milk production and faster growth of lean muscle mass as your animals grow to adulthood.   The economics are clear. Immu-Start 50 is just the product you need to get the results you want.

Immu-START 50 Benefits:
  • 50 Grams of IgG (immunoglobulins)per 1 | 400gram dose
  • Formulated with First Milking Colostrum • Sourced from USDA Grade A Dairies
  • Pasteurized for Protection from Johne’s Disease
  • Bacteria and Pathogen Free
  • 24 Hour Passive Transfer
  • Fast Effective Absorption Rate
Immu-START 50 Aids in:

Failure of Passive Transfer: Immu-Start 50 supplies a guaranteed quantity of absorbable immunoglobulins (IgG) to aid in the treatment of failure of passive transfer in newborn calves less than 24 hours old.

Diarrhea Control: Immu-Start 50 also serves as an aid in the prevention of scours by supplying antibodies that block the K-99 E coli process.

Immu-START-50 is:
  • An easy-to-use instant-mix formula.
  • Bulk Pail stores easily.
  • No refrigeration required.
Initial Treatment Recommendation:

Step 1. Administer 1 dose | 50 IgG | 400 grams of  Immu-START 50 as soon as possible after birth of calf or upon arrival to your calving operation.

Step 2. Administer 25 grams of Immu-START 50 for 14 days to insure healthy growth of animal into adulthood.

Spot Treatment Recommendation: Supplement 100 grams of Immu-START 50 for scours problems or with your daily electrolyte feeding program.

Because of the importance of newborn calf health to dairy farmers and beef cattle producers, Imu-Tek strives to focus our educational efforts in a way to provide the best information possible to veterinarians and producers to improve calf health.

Please call us with any questions you might have on the use of our products. Call TOLL FREE 1.888.493.7033 |

The Immu-Start 50 Bulk Pail holds 40 doses for convenient multiple application.